Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza at the Tribeca Film Festival Premiere of The Five Year Engagement, April 18th



Have you ever given her sketch ideas?BILL: I have.EILEEN: She has not accepted one.How does she respond?BILL: It depends on her mood whether she lets me finish or not.
This interview with Amy Poehler’s parents is absolutely wonderful! “They sound just like us!” —-my mom.

Our favorite bit:
What was your favorite sketch of hers on “SNL”?EILEEN: I was thrilled with her Hillary  Clinton. I mean, Hillary Clinton!What about least favorite?BILL: I guess the one-legged  hyperactive farting girl.

TIL of the Day: Amy Poelher was once a stock photo girl.
Helpful Reminder: Nothing posted on the Internet ever really goes away.
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